This movie visually animates the analysis and suggested vision for Portlaoise until 2040 and beyond, by a team of consultants for Laois County Council, developed in consultation with the people of Portlaoise. It was created for Laois County Council by RealSim.

A Vision for Portlaoise – A Strategy for a Better Town Centre has been prepared by the Commissioned Consultants GVA et al which provides a proposed strategy, interventions, and policies including the following:

  • A ‘Shared Vision’ for Portlaoise Town Centre public spaces, parks, landscaping, walkways, traffic, transport, parking etc.
  • Key design interventions for urban spaces designated for enhancement,
  • Pedestrian priority linkages between the old and new areas of Town Centre and
  • A 3D model of Portlaoise Town Centre showing the existing town, the proposed interventions and the exposure and showcasing of the heritage assets.
  • Proposed policies and objectives and design manual.

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